Redcar Optometrists, has won Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year 2018

Winner: Faye McDearmid, Campbell & McDearmid Optometrists

From helping children become more confident to forming a key part of wedding preparations, optometrist Faye McDearmid believes contact lenses can help create happy memories.

Faye believes contact lens fitting is a combination of common sense and artistic licence. Saying “The better understanding of the cornea and the optics of the lenses you are fitting, the easier it is to get the results you are aiming for”.

Faye says contact lens conversations crop up regularly when I ask the question “What can’t you do in your glasses?”

Faye understands the needs of her patients differ and change with age. Comfort is often the most important lens factor to consider for young people, whereas for older patients, vision becomes more important.

For children, Faye takes care to demonstrate lens application and removal and lets them feel a lens in their hands. She also takes time to explain to the parent or guardian the clinical and professional aspects of lens design.

For older patients, Faye has trial lenses they can apply while waiting for spectacles to be dispensed, which she says can be a helpful way to experience contact lenses for the first time,  and allows them to see what they are choosing.


“We all have one pair of eyes to last us a lifetime. I believe it is our duty to explain the importance of appropriate lens supply, fitting and aftercare”

Faye McDearmid

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